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18 February 2013 @ 01:39 am
The Good Wife 4x14  
I really really really want Alicia to leave Lockhart/Gardner. I always sort of wanted her to accept Michael J. Fox's job offers, but obviously Michael J. Fox has stuff to do (I think he has a new show this fall?) and was never gonna be a regular, and his firm's only appeal was that it wasn't Lockhart/Gardner.

But the idea of Alicia and Cary starting a firm is *awesome* and I want it so much. I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT GIVE IT TO ME NOW, SHOW. No take-backsies! And I think we might get it, maybe? If Alicia had left last season, it would have felt like she was bailing on her firm, but they've spent the last couple episodes making Lockhart/Gardner much less attractive. Diane was right about seizing opportunities, even if they're not of an entirely ingenuous nature, but this whole mess with all the fourth-years being offered partner when the firm needed the money and then getting screwed over so the partners don't have to share the windfall is bullshit. And tonight David mocked Alicia's desire to feel appreciated when he told her she was chosen because of Peter's political power. And the kiss with Will (which I thought was pretty stupid tbh) is just another reason to leave! So obviously all of this is leading up to Cary and Alicia leaving Lockhart/Gardner in the season finale and striking out on their own and having hilarious failures and satisfying wins against their former bosses in court next year, right? Right??

Or is it not? Because the most consistently annoying thing about The Good Wife is that its writers think Lockhart/Gardner's backroom machinations are far more interesting than they actually are. This whole bankruptcy thing, ugh. Remember that random third partner from DC they wrote in so Will and Diane had something to scheme over? Or when Will leaving created a power vacuum that Eli and David were scrabbling over? And these are just the storylines I haven't blocked. So is this just a way for Alicia to become a power player within the firm? And maybe Will/Alicia is starting up again because he's no longer her boss? (Except that's not actually why they broke up, so. IDK.)

I mean, either way this is good for the show. I liked the scene where Alicia watches Cary and Kalinda watch the meeting through the glass; earlier this season Alicia would have been outside with them wondering what was going on. At the same time, I doubt the show is going to be able to parlay this development into any sort of real change since Will and Diane still run shit, and the only cast member Alicia will have authority over is Cary, and that is not a relationship I think anybody really wants to see change, especially not in that way. I guess I'd expect Alicia to cultivate her own power within the firm (but with who?) and begin to challenge Will and Diane? I liked how the mock trial transitioned us into a new phase of The Good Wife where Will and Diane see Alicia as a threat, with Diane even suggesting Alicia and Cary were showboating to steal the client. I just really wish it was a portent of things to come! Will and Diane's firm versus Cary and Alicia's! I just think it would be fun, real way to shake up the show.

So IDK, what do you guys think? Is the idea of Alicia leaving DOA and I should just resign myself to more Lockhart/Gardner power struggles or what?

I flew through half the House of Cards (Netflix's new political show) episodes this weekend, and it is ludicrous yet entertaining. It turned out super trashy, actually? It's hard for me to imagine that Andrew Davies is in any way responsible for this because he writes such cute and delightful things usually. Anyway, I hope the last episode is all of Kevin Spacey's well-earned enemies conspiring to destroy his life.
myfriendamymyfriendamy on February 18th, 2013 04:39 pm (UTC)
You know I watched this show all at once so sadly it took me until this episode to see that Alicia and Cary are kind of like a younger Diane and Will? I don't know it really just struck me when they were doing their scheming with the fourth years that I've seen two other people organize and rally like this within the firm, lol. Plus they have a relationship that I really enjoy without it being romantic, etc. (he even gave her top billing!) Since Alicia has just dumped a bunch of money into L&G maybe they'll have to find their own Stern.

Anyways I totally agree that it would be far more interesting for them to start their own firm and it opens up so much more story, though, I guess, they'd have the problem of trying to tell all that story + Lockhart Gardner.

And the kiss with Will (which I thought was pretty stupid tbh)

SO stupid. That + David's taunting and the progression of the season thus far make me think it might happen. Because how can Alicia ever know her worth as long as she stays there. She's been favored because of Will before and favored because of her connections to Peter, but she is a great lawyer and I think coming into her own..you know really seizing her own power and talent is a loooong time coming.

But imo TGW has a habit of setting up interesting dilemmas and situations and then taking the easy way out. Even so all of this is better than that whole storyline about buying her house back last year, omg.

I couldn't even enjoy House of Cards on a trashy entertainment level I guess it was just kind of boring to me. BUT when I just read this news I thought of your comment.

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